Who: Yogurtology.

What: A premium frozen yogurt franchise in the United States.

Why: Launching new stores rapidly – want to stand out from the typical grand opening events.

Solution: We partnered with Olympic Gold Medalist Ryan Lochte to launch his very own new line of signature flavors and donate the proceeds to his Charities – Mac Crutchfeild Foundation and Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy. Our brand activation took fun to a whole new level when we put Ryan in a car and drove him around residential neighborhoods in Gainesville to knock on doors and ask residents if they wanted to try his new line of flavors. Of course we took a camera crew to share the responses socially.

Result: Facebook campaign with Ryan Lochte was a splashing success. He’s post promoting the new flavors for Yogurtology received an average of 1,000 likes and dozens of comments. The promoted post for Yogurtology reached an audience of over 11,000 people, and the Yogurtology Ryan Lochte Trivia video has over 1,200 likes on Facebook. Press releases for the Ryan Lochte signing were published in The Aligator, The Gainesville Business Report, and the Tampa Bay Newswire.